Legs Day programme from home

A legs program designed to be done at home with minimal kit.

Only a barbell (or similar) needed. However should you not have a sufficient amount of weight plates you can also adapt using resistance bands.

Hypertrophy training

What is Hypertrophy training?

Hypertrophy is an increase and growth of muscle cells. Hypertrophy refers to an increase in muscular size achieved through exercise. When you work out, if you want to tone or improve muscle definition, lifting weights is the most common way to increase hypertrophy.

How to conduct hypertrophy training.

When following the program ensure you take note of the weight being lifted and document this, there is also a RPE scale (rate of perceived exertion ). This scales is used after you have finished the sets for you to grade how difficult it was during that set, the lower number on the RPE scale  means you could increase the weight or use a resistance band to increase the difficulty on the next set.

Be sure to conduct the exercises slowly, engaging and squeezing the muscles throughout the movement. rest between sets should be around 90 secs to allow adequate time for quality repetitions on the next set.


Be sure to watch the video demos below to see any progressions of the exercise to increase the difficulty.