Learn to Love yourself...

Learn to love yourself.

I hear it all the time “Can you help me get a Kim Kardashian bum,” “Can you get me abs like him/her.” Too many people are comparing themselves to others, Social media is toxic at times, and with more and more people following celebrities or influencers it is not going to change anytime soon.

Now there is nothing wrong with following these people, Its good to see the new bit of gossip, who Katie Price is sleeping with next and Laughable to see which ‘Z’ list celebrity has been paid money to endorse another shit product to take your money from you. (don’t ever fall for that crap). But when people then start comparing their body composition to others, especially those on social media you have entered into a losing battle.

Let me break this down into some bullet points for you.

1: A lot of celebs/influencers pictures have been photoshopped or taken by a professional photographer with the lighting perfect to emphasise the good parts and hide the bad parts.

2: A lot of these celebrities/influencers promote products that they do not know anything about, they do not care if it is morally right, whether it actually works or what is even in it, they care about how much they are being paid from said company. I work with a few companies and I stick to my number 1 rule… I make no money, no commission (even when they have offered) and I only promote products that I actually use and think are worthwhile.

3: These people who you are comparing yourself to live a completely different lifestyle to the majority of us, they have money to be able not to work a real job, they do not have to worry about childcare as they have nannies, they do not have to worry about the rent… they have all the time in the world to be able to go to the gym, eat clean and live healthy… and even when they are not doing the latter they have a photo editor that can make them look like they are.

4: So lets say you are comparing yourself to someone who is not a celeb, influencer etc… again you need to remember that everyone is living a different lifestyle to one and other… not to blow my own trumpet but I’ve had people who have said “I want to have a physique like yours.” In my job I need to be fit & Healthy and also look it (they are 2 different things), I spend a lot of time in the gym either training clients or have 2-3 half hours throughout the day between clients where I can train, so for me to train and eat healthy it is a lot easier than most.

So lets cut to the point here… It is good to look at genuine people in real life or on social media and think wow!!! But what is not good is to compare yourself to them, you both live 2 separate lives, have different priorities, have different genetics etc, you are not going to look like that person and it is as simple as that, but that’s not to say you cannot look good yourself.

Instead of thinking you want to look like them and comparing yourself to them, instead look at the journey they have taken, look at the results they have achieved, take ‘INSPIRATION’ from them and use that inspiration in your own journey. By doing this and being happy with yourself and the journey you have taken, I guarantee there will be someone looking at you in the way that you once looked at others.

Start to love yourself, love the journey you have embarked on, it won’t be easy but the quicker you start to love the pro’s and cons the quicker you will start to see results… I will also finish off by saying that you will never be 100% happy with yourself… maybe 99.9% but once you start hitting these goals, your visions start to change, embrace the journey and don’t stop bettering yourself.

I am going to finish off tagging some people who I myself take Inspiration from for many different reasons, If you are on Instagram give them a follow, Just click the names:

Ben Mudge - I was fortunate enough to meet the guy on a TV show back in 2018, we went all the way to the final together and i have come away from that show with a lot of knowledge and wisdom that i have gained post show by following this guy.

Andreas Beirne - I workedwith Andreas in the army when we were both whipper snappers, to see how he has come from the young private to now bootcamp owner, charity event mad man, fitness industry genius is mega to see.

Ross Edgley - The Guy swam around the UK without touching land, the challenges he sets himself is unreal, i have been following him for about 4 years now and the challenges just keep getting more ridiculous.

Dana Linn Bailey - This girl is a machine, i actually watch a lot of her training videos and use them in my own workouts. The size of her delts are bigger than my head.

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