Personal Experience of Combat Stress & The big barrel run

In the 15 years of my adult life (16+) I have spent over 12 years in the Army, Over 2 Years training for operational Tours, Over 1 year in war zones, Over 3 years on medication for PTSD, Over 1 Year in Treatment for PTSD, Over 1 Month in a Psychiatric ward being fed drugs... But Only 1 week in Combat stress... and that one week dramatically changed my outlook at life.

Combat stress is a small charity in comparison to others, It relies solely on donations, no help from the Government or military, Infact the help it did get from the military got taken away from them a few years back and put into the NHS where veterans have to wait over 8 weeks just for the initial appointment.

This is where people like Andreas who is running the big barrel run step up and go Above & Beyond... Andreas i met in 2011 when we both worked as PTI's in the army, that relationship continued after our life in the Army and now work extremely closely with Bootcamp UK. He has taken the selfless act of raising money for combat stress by running 456km over 7 days with a 15kg barrel on his back, That is unreal, and all the profits are going to combat stress.

I could continue writing for alot longer as this is something extremely close to me, when i say combat stres stress save lives i can 100 percent reassure you that is the truth... so rather than writing, have aweatch of the video, its about 10 mins long, and if you can put up with my northern dialect and bad mannerisms for that long then i applaud you.

Please help raise awareness for this event and charity... lets not have another 2018 where 75 veterans took their own life from PTSD, thats nearly 2 a week... there is not enough being done by the government and the military, and the people like combat stress need as much support and awareness as possible.

You can donate to Andreas by clicking here...

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