Welcome to the Lockdown Team Challenge:

Here we will work as a team to see if we can virtually circumnavigate the UK during Lockdown.

Each day all you need to do is input your daily steps into the table. These can be all steps you have completed throughout the day and not just during a workout.

This will help us move more, be more active and create team spirit to get the Job complete.

Some little numbers to think about then.

The Coastline of the UK is 11,023 miles... That is taking into account the geographic and lay of the land including going uphill and down hill...

That converts to 23,280,576 average steps... Thats right 23 million plus steps.

We have 28 days (or so BOJO says) of lockdown... is it achievable? I think so... Help me prove this right.

** Any steps that you add to the team challenge will also automatically be replicated to the individual leaderboard. Thus saving you time of inputting twice... so ensure you add your entry at the end of the day to take into account all steps completed including those in the workouts.